Through its new business division called KIPO, UMO S.A. is offering to the motorcycle lovers accesories to complement your journey partner. 

Inicially we are offering two products: Performance exhaust systems and Comfort saddles, that the result of the UMO´s experience and innovation. If you want to know more about this project, enter to the web page .

"KIPO, you choose who is your moto" is awarded again for one of its great customer as RENAULT - Sofasa, in this ocassion for being the Supplier of the year in the INNOVATION category. 




UMO is awarded again for one of its great customer as RENAULT - Sofasa, in this ocassion for being the Supplier of the year in the INNOVATION category.  


As the plaque says: "In recognition of its flexibility to adapt to market changes, his agility in new product development and its long-term vision to advance competitively."


This award was received with great joy and it encourages us to continue our commitment to innovation, excellence and quality.




We are proud to share with you our customers, suppliers and friends the important awards granted in the last year by GM GENERAL MOTORS COMPANY and COLMOTORES highlighting our commitment to quality, excellence and innovation.


At the Suppliers  convention of General Motors Colmotores, year after year recognizes and rewards suppliers who were noted for their excellence, UMO was the big winner of the night receiving the following awards:


"The Best of the best in 2012" Award 


This recognition is very important considering that COLMOTORES was the UMO´s first customer in exhaust systems in 1968 with the Chrysler brand. After the name change, we begin to be suppliers of GENERAL MOTORS COLMOTORES for brands such as Isuzu, Suzuki and currently Chevrolet.



"The Best supplier in the CHASIS category  in 2012" Award


On the same night, UMO received the award for "Best supplier in the CHASSIS categoryrecognized "by the ongoing commitment in delivering parts with excellent global quality exhaust systems" as the Magazine DINERO point out1.



Aditional to these two recognitions, UMO also received the following award by GENERAL MOTORS COMPANY:


"GM Supplier Quality Excellence" Award


The plaque of recognition was sent in December 2012 for the global senior executives of General Motors as the Global Vice President of Purchasing and Supply Chain, Global Quality and Customer Satisfaction Vice President, among others.


This award sent by General Motors Company, places us in the list of suppliers with excellent quality worldwide and at the same time it leads into an achievement for our country and our industry..




We take this opportunity to thank our suppliers for their support and trust of our customers, and confirm our commitment to be your partners in the achievement of your objectives.


Best regards,




General Manager



Commercial Director 



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