The first company in the industry group was UMO S.A. founded in 1968 in Medellín, Colombia. Since then it has established itself as the leader in the Andean Region in the manufacture of exhaust systems for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and automotive partes plants in Colombia and Ecuador.

As a strategic decision and being conscious of the needs in metalworking sector, the cutting process became independent of UMO as a new business unit. Then in 2006 FORMAPRESS was created to provide the service of punching, stamping and design for the industry in general.

In 2009 continuing our market penetration of parts for cars and motorcycles, UMO acquired SEKI leader company in polyurethane injection. Today we manufacture saddles for motorcycles and a variety of OEM products for other industries.

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Sede Medellín - Carrera 48 # 14-86, Tel: +57-4-444 48 66 / Fax: +57-4-268 36 00
Sede Guarne Km 20 autopista Medellín-Bogoté, Parque Industrial La Brizuela, Tel: +57-4-604 09 90