Improvement practices
MGC - Management Model for Competitiveness

The MGC integrates the tools: TPS - Toyota Production System-, SPR - Renault Production System - y GMS - Global Manufacturing System-. The application of managerial and industrial tools that make up the model, allowing more competitive in terms of quality, cost and timeless. a aplicación de las herramientas gerenciales e industriales que componen el modelo, permiten aumentar la competitividad en materia de calidad, costo y oportunidad.
Some of these tools are: 8D, Drill Deep, Quick response, Verification Station, Firewall, Care, Step Up y Poka Yoke devices.

MGU - UMO Management model 

UMO management model aims to create administrative structures lightweight adaptable to change, quick decision-making, customer-oriented and high value creation, in pursuit of excellence.

EMC - Continuous improvement teams

Improvements group "Kaizen" are performed through the EMC, which have been done continuously for over a decade in response to our continuous improvement. 
Since 2002 this philosophy was consolidated in the organization and that year was the first convention of EMC; since 2009 started to have two cicles of Kaizen per year. Since then, the slogan that accompany this process is:
“People that generate ideas… Ideas that produces changes… Changes that lead to EXCELLENCE”

SMI - Individual Improvement Systems

The SMI encourage the participation of administrative and operational staff in developing proposals for improvement in all areas of the organization. Monthly there are rewarded the best proposals at a meeting of the entire organization under the methology of improvements of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance).

5’S Program
We use the Japanese methodology of the 5’s (Sort, Organize, Clean, Standardize and Discipline) to improve efficiency in the workplace, avoid accidents and quality problems.

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